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TEC MA-1350

Electronic Cash Register

BMP's Price: $449.95 (see below to purchase)

Suggested Retail: $545

Also Available in Flat Keyboard Layout for $499.95

Extensive Operations and Management Control in a Very Affordable Cash Register.

The sophisticated yet highly affordable MA-1350 Cash Register can be the key to improving both the efficiency and the profitability of your business. It is an intelligent, stand-alone system that offers outstanding speed, accuracy and versatility, and stores its own data for reporting. Because the MA-1350 is quick and simple to program, you can easily tailor it to the exact needs of your particular business.

Technical Specs
    • High quality dot printer.
      • The printer also incorporates an added paper feed module, affording easy maintenance through the open mechanism.
      • 45mm width receipt alphanumeric print.
      • Validation feature as standard.

    • Color display.
      • The operator has 10 digits and 7 segments.
      • Pop Up and Swivel display as standard.
    • PC interface as standard - the MA-1350 can be configured to communicate with a PC through an RS-232C port. This allows:
      • Sending of programming data from the PC to the MA-1350.
      • Retrieval of totals from the MA-1350 to the PC.


New employees can be taught the operation using the training feature which will not affect the sales figures when in use. MAIN MEMORY
PLUs: 1000, departments: 40, cashiers: 8, saleperson: 30.

Financial, cashier, salesperson, hourly, all PLU.

To Purchase:

Call 1-800-734-1300      or     Email: Izen Lingenfelter

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